In The Market Pre-Sales Leads

Let Us Uncover Ready-to-Buy Prospects…Before They Find Your Competition!

Why Use “In The Market” Pre-Sales Leads?

  • Stops Wasteful Ad Spending

  • Eliminates Shotgun Marketing

  • Builds A Massive List In Days Instead of Months or Years

  • Fast, Effective and Affordable

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We Leave Other Lead Generation Companies In The Dust!

We offer high quality, REAL TIME sales leads that are produced from analyzing online digital behavior and past and recent purchase behavior, coupled with demographic breakdowns. What we do is enrich Data with “online behavior” of people who are exhibiting characteristics commonly associated with people who are “In-The-Market” for any given product or service.

These sales leads allow clients to engage their prospects across multiple channels:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Email
  • Direct Mail &
  • Telephone

These are prospects that are doing online research, shopping and investigating purchase decisions on the same products and services our clients sell.


We sell behavioral sales leads at a lower price than our clients would pay to get a click using pay per click lead generation companies.


We track consumers and businesses online digital behavior across tens of millions of websites in REAL TIME. This allows us to determine the prospect’s level of purchase intent by examining their:

  • Keyword Search Behavior
  • Browsing Patterns
  • Content Consumption
  • Software and Mobile App Usage
  • Campaign Response and
  • Social Interactions

Now You Can Grab Your Share of BIG DATA and Turn It Into BIG REVENUE


Our leads are compiled and managed from over 3,000 different REAL TIME data files. Here’s a small sample of the data we compile and manage.

  • Over 100,000 demographic categories
  • Over 220 million consumers
  • Over 110 million households
  • Over 50 million business contacts
  • Over 18 million companies
  • 226 B2B categories
  • 1,294 auto categories
  • 230 Finance categories
  • 4,142 Travel categories
  • 4,230 Retail categories
  • 1,236 Packaged Goods categories
  • 772 Past Purchase categories
  • 321 Education categories
  • 444 Service categories
  • 22,750 Keyword Search categories
  • 1,110 Political categories
  • 3,025 Brands
  • 91 Telecommunication categories
  • 1723 Interest categories

Frequently Asked Questions

What contact information does the client get when they buy the lead?

Basic Contact Information means Name, address, and where available ­ email and phone. We make EVERY attempt to get email and phone on every lead but there will be leads in certain industries where that will not be possible.

We typically get email on approximately 80% of the leads and phone on 10­-15%.

How is the Sales Lead created/generated?

We track in REAL TIME consumers and business digital behavior across tens of millions of websites. This allows us to determine the prospect’s level of purchase intent by examining their keyword search behavior, browsing patterns, content consumption, software and mobile app usage, campaign response and social interaction.

In addition we compile and manage 3,000 different real time data files like demographic, past purchase and interest.

Am I getting the lead exclusively or are other companies getting it also?

We will not sell the same lead to another competing client.

What’s the process of placing and receiving an order?

Contact us, let us know what industry you are in along with your primary products and services, as well as any “keyword search terms” you utilize and we will get you a price quote.

How are the sales leads priced?

Sales Leads that contain “basic contact information”, even in high value niches (Auto, Insurance, Real Estate, Solar, Home Security, etc.), often sell for just $1/lead…always significantly less than the cost per click on traditional PPC sources.

If any additional information needs to be included, then a price quote will be given.

Where does the data come from?

We manage over 3,000 real time data files that cover every aspect of data: digital behavior, past purchase, demographic and interest.

What’s the minimum order?

1,000 sales leads. There are several verticals where the minimum order is 500: Real Estate

Will the phone #’s be scrubbed against the “Do­ Not­ Call” list?


Are the Emails double opted­-in?

No, we compile the information and we take every precaution to assure its accuracy but we do not offer double opt-­in emails.

Does the sales lead come with a guarantee?

We do not guarantee conversion but we do guarantee that we will replace any leads that contain bad email or phones.

Are there any Geographic restrictions?

Currently we’re only offering sales leads in the US and Canada, but Resellers can be anywhere in the world.

How old will the leads be?

Our data is compiled in real time, so these leads would be considered very fresh! To determine the weight of a sales lead we look for multiple actions that signal the prospect has a high degree of intent. At times this behavior is tracked over a period of a few weeks. Our goal is to get the lead in the client’s hand as soon as we see consistent purchase intent, so long as the behavior that indicates intent has occurred within a few week period.

Do you have a Reseller Program?

Yes, we have a Reseller Program designed for advertising and marketing agencies which requires a monthly license fee to gain access to our In The Market Pre-Sale leads. Generally, if you have just one client you will break even, and after that each additional client is essentially pure profit.

How many Resellers are you looking to contract with?

VERY FEW…we are looking for a select group of action takers with viable businesses up and running, preferably with an existing client base so you can generate quick income right out of the gate. This is not a coaching program…we will train and train regularly but this is not a coaching program. If you can get ONE client in your first 30 days, then you can generate a very substantial income wit our Reseller Program.

Can the Resellers resell the license?


What is the License Fee to be a Reseller?

Contact us by using the link below to discuss the terms and conditions of our Reseller program.


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