In The Market P2P Leads

Let Us Uncover Ready-to-Buy Prospects…Before They Find Your Competition!

Why Use In The Market P2P Leads?

  • Focuses On Top 3% Of People Actively Pursuing To Buy Your Product or Service
  • Stops Wasteful Ad Spending
  • Eliminates Shotgun Marketing
  • Reduces 1st Click Costs 50-75%
  • Builds A Massive List In Weeks Instead of Years
  • Creates 1st Part Data Record That You OWN
  • Fast, Effective and Affordable

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All Leads Are Not Created Equal..

We offer high quality, REAL TIME sales leads that are produced from analyzing online digital behavior and past and recent purchase behavior, coupled with demographic breakdowns. What we do is enrich Data with “online behavior” of people who are exhibiting characteristics commonly associated with people who are “In-The-Market” (actively pursuing to purchase) specific types of products and services. 

These leads allow our clients to engage their prospects across multiple channels:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Email
  • Direct Mail &
  • Telephone

These are prospects that are doing online research, shopping and investigating purchase decisions on the same products and services our clients sell.


We sell behavioral sales leads at a lower price than our clients would pay to get a click using pay per click lead generation companies.


We track consumers and businesses online digital behavior across tens of millions of websites in REAL TIME. This allows us to determine the prospect’s level of purchase intent by examining their:

  • Keyword Search Behavior
  • Browsing Patterns
  • Content Consumption
  • Software and Mobile App Usage
  • Campaign Response and
  • Social Interactions


Now you can connect with and convert Targeted Pools of prospects before your competition even knows they exist!


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