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Facebook Marketing For Local Buinesses

Concierge Level Service Engagement

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Congratulations! You have just set yourself up with our Concierge Level Facebook Marketing Service…which means one of our Facebook Maketing Experts (FME) will be there for you to help you get up and running fast.

1. Watch for an email with a link to pay your “Set-Up” Fee (if applicable).

2. After making all payments, one of our FMEs will be in touch with you to:

  • Get An Overall Understanding Of Your Business, Branding & Facebook Marketing Goals
  • Get An Understanding Of Your Primary Products & Services (so we can optimize your FB)
  • Come Up With A Facebook Makeover Plan
  • Create a Game Plan for our Facebook Takeover (how we will increase engagement using our proven social selling strategies)

3. Please write out a plan for what you want to accomplish. Examples below…

  • Consistent Social Media Posting
  • Increase FB Check-Ins
  • Increase FB Likes
  • Increase FB shares
  • Increase Viral Sharing
  • Help With Marketing FB Events

4. Decide Who Is Going To Be Your Primary Contact Person For All Marketing Campaigns

5. Decide Which Email Will Receive Progress Reports

Once Again Congratulations On Securing Your Concierge Level Facebook Marketing

You are going to love the power & simplicity of having our FME Team tirelessly work for you, so you can focus on what you do best!!

It will save you countless man hours throughout the year and give you peace of mind knowing that your Facebook Marketing is all handled promptly, professionally and on time!

Now you can take a deep breathe and relax because you have your own personal FME Concierge to handle virtually everything for you, and be taking care of business 24/7/365…even when you are on vacation 🙂

We Are Excited About All the New Customers & Sales We Will Help Drive Into Your Business

An FME Will Be In Touch With You Soon!


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