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Congratulations! You have just set yourself up with our Concierge Level GOLD Service…which means one of our Digital Agents will be there for you to help you get up and running fast, help you get all the information you need inline, and go through the platforms and reporting module with you so that you can obtain the maximum benefits from our services…PLUS handle Social Media Content Curation & Posting for you!!

What To Expect Next

1.You will receive an email form us with your log-in details, along with a link to pay your “Set-Up” Fee.

2. After making the payment required in Step-1, one of our digital agents will be in touch with you soon to provide you log-in details so you can get up and running in your Brand Management Suite Platform Account.

3. In the meantime it’s time to start collecting the pertinent data that you will need which includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Determining EXACTLY how you want your business information to be displayed across the Internet – on your website, business listings and social media accounts.

NOTE: In order to not be penalized by the Search Engines and Business Directories, this information must match and be EXACTLY the same (including punctuation, abbreviations, etc) everywhere it is listed!!!

  • Complete Business Name
  • Complete Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Business Fax (if applicable)
  • Main Business Email
  • Business Gmail Account (required for Google , YouTube, etc.)
  • Social Media Accounts – Page Name, URL, Username, Password for EACH of the following:
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Google
    • Instagram
    • Any Others You use (Ex: Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Description of what your business does:
    • What your business does?
    • What is your Competitive Advantage and/or Unique Selling Proposition?
    • List of Products &/or Services
  • High Resolution Logo
  • Images of Yourself &/or Staff

4. Write our plan for what you want to accomplish?

  • Get Backlinks from Business Directories for SEO Power
  • Be Able To Find & Curate High Quality Content That Gets Liked & Shared
  • Consistent Social Media Posting
  • Suppress Negative Reviews
  • Increase Overall Review Scores
  • ??

5. Decide WHO Is Going To Be Performing The Work And Have Access To Use Your Brand Management Suite

  • You can assign multiple users from your company (or Outsourcers) and give them permission to handle all or part of these duties

6. Set Up Email Notifications

  • Who will be notified of reviews being posted, like, shares and other interactions on your social media accounts

6. Set Yourself Up Email To Receive Monthly Reports

  • So you can see the progress your company is making, ensure your Online Reputation is being managed properly, and ensure people assigned to various tasks are doing their job(s).

Once Again Congratulations On Securing Your Gold Brand Management Suite…

You are going to love the power, simplicity, and incredible insights you will obtain with this platform.

It will save you countless man hours throughout the year and give you peace of mind knowing that you have your Social Media, Online Reputation and Directory Business Listings all handled promptly, professionally and on time!

Now you can take a deep breathe and relax because you have your own personal Concierge to handle virtually everything for you, and be taking care of business 24/7/365…even when you are on vacation 🙂

Have Awesome Day!


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