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Let Our Internet-Wide RTB Advertising Platform Save You Time And Money!

Why Use RTB Advertising?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to target your ideal customers virtually ANYWHERE they are on the internet? At the exact time their online behavior indicates they have an interest in what you have to offer…

And SAVE 20-40% OFF what you are paying right now for your Pay-Per-Click and RTB!

And all you need to do, to get more people to buy more is simply get your ads in front of the people most likely to buy, at the times they are looking for EXACTLY what you have to offer…and now it’s possible for you to do that, just like Fortune 1000 Companies have been doing since 2013!

That is where we come in….continue down this page to learn about our Done-For-You RTB Solution!

Why Is Our RTB Advertising Platform The Best?

=> Google Only Comprises About 20% of The Total RTB Advertising Market

=> Facebook Is Also Only Part Of The RTB Advertising Market

=> We Have The Other 80% Of The Pie You Are Missing!

=> Done For You Professional Campaign Management

=> We Save You 20-40% Over Competitors’ Pricing!

Call Us To Find Out How You Can Start Growing Your Business Using Our “Internet-Wide” RTB Advertising Platform. Our Done-For-You “EZ RTB” Saves You Time & Money!

Why Use RTB Advertising?

If you are not using RTB Advertising, you are losing most of your best prospects.

“RTB Advertising has proven that customers are 70% are more likely to complete a purchase as compared to non-targeted customers!” – MOZ

Stunning Fact: Only About 2% of website visitors buy on the first visit.

RTB Advertising keeps your brand top-of-mind giving you repeated chances for a sale.

Brand Recognition acts on the unconscious mind attracting people like a magnet.

Keep in touch with customers through RTB Advertising and do more business naturally.

RTB Advertising Uses A Powerful Pixel

RTB Advertising pixels isolate your target!

Once someone visits your website, our RTB Advertising platform allows you to reach out to them all over the Internet on other websites to encourage them to come back. Now you can always put your message directly in front of those who have shown interest in the past, especially good because you can refine your offers to target better with each visit.

Get More Sales With RTB Advertising

RTB Ads are the ultimate Branding tool!

Our RTB Advertising platform keeps your brand in front of hot prospects (and previous buyers), giving them a chance to come back to learn more about you. Statistics show people need to have 6-8 interactions with your company before they will consider purchasing, or reaching out to your company. Once people visit your website, you now advertise to them all over the Internet on other websites to encourage them to come back. And you can utilize RTB Display Ads to show previous buyers a variety of  offers to encourage repeat buying.

Increase Sales With RTB Advertising

Customers need reminders to buy!

Did you know that 37% of customers you show banners to through our RTB Platform appreciate being reminded to come back? Life is busy and people are increasingly distracted. RTB ads provide gentle reminders, those who might have converted if they had not gotten distracted, to come back and buy from you.

What type of businesses can benefit from RTB Advertising?

Perfect For Local Businesses

Most local businesses can benefit from RTB Advertising – Car Dealers, Lawyers, Surgeons, Dentists, Chiropractors, HVAC Repair, Roofers, Renovators, Paving Contractors, Window Installers, Water Damage Repair Companies, Rehab Facilities, Elder Care Centers…and You!

Perfect for E-Commerce, Multi-Channel Marketers & Sales Funnel Experts

Segment your audience and serve them RTB advertising banners that match the products they have already searched for or purchased, using dynamic ad insertion…automatically showing them exactly what they want!


Great for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & Nightclubs

Remind patrons of the wonderful experience they had last time they visited your establishment…and invite them to come again!

Offer special promotions during slower times to fill seats and boost your net profits.

Perfect for Acquiring Big Data

Branding and advertising is the name of the game for big business! We specialize in growing revenues for Fortune 1000 Companies.

Contact us about saving 20-40% on your ad budget…for identical ad spots you already buy!

The Best RTB Advertising Platform

400% BOOST

Is the average increase in response rate for getting people to revisit your website.
With our RTB Platform, now you will be able to elevate the results of  all your Marketing Campaigns to mach speed, increasing your advertising and marketing ROI across the board!


Our Platform is approaching nearly 300 Ad Exchanges, Networks & Inventory Supply Aggregators to advertise on!
We get you seen on the 80% of websites that most business are missing out on, often because other RTB Agencies do not have contracts like we do.


37% of your prospects and customers appreciate reminders to return to websites they visit, because they got busy and distracted.
Now you can gently remind them on an on-going basis…for pennies on the dollar of traditional advertising costs.

What Clients On Our RTB Advertising Platform Say

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How Does RTB Advertising Work?

Here is a quick video explaining how RTB Display Advertising can work for your company. Our power lies in the fact that we do not just use Google, because that is only 20% of the available RTB ad space, and we have highly experienced campaign managers that handle all the heavy lifting for you…so the only thing you need to do is handle the new business coming your way.

Our coveted contracts allow us to virtually cover the entire Internet, giving you 4X’s MORE OPPORTUNITIES and PRICING that is 20-40% LOWER than the other guys…and we’re here to prove it to you!

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How Does RTB Display Advertising and Retargeting Work?


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