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High Quality B2B & B2C Leads

B2B Lead Generation Service

With our platform, lead generation becomes easy and fast. You will gain access to a national B2B and B2C prospecting database with over 230 million consumers, 115 million households and 55 million business contacts in the US alone, along with over 5 million international business contacts.

B2C Lead Generation Strategies

To make the leads you buy turn into profits, you must look at the lead generation strategies you are utilizing. Unfortunately, all leads are not created equal, and many companies are selling old (stale) leads with too many people on them who are not qualified. we have solved this problem by gaining access to the highest quality databases possible.

Each record we produced can be enhanced with geographic, demographic, firmographic, lifestyle, propensity and online behavior, providing a 360 degree view of each household, individual or business. These records are enriched by over a billion data points, so you can craft laser targeted messages that resonate with known characteristics and behaviors to increase response rates and conversions.

By having truly targeted leads, along with well thought out strategies about the “process” of how you will market to them, can make the difference between a complete flop or being wildly successful.

B2B Lead Generation Companies

The massive growth of business directories and review sites like Yelp (which gets tens of millions of unique hits each month) is rock solid proof that your prospects and customers are performing on-going market research on products, services and solutions to their problems and desires. It has also caused many companies to jump into the lead generation business selling low quality leads that are simply “scraped” off of these directories, which means you are buying non-targeted leads with a fairly low chance of conversion.

Until now, there was no way for you to know who was researching for the same or similar products and services you offer, however, our databases can be queried so that you are getting leads with specific characteristics to increase your conversions and return on investment.

B2C Lead Generation Software

Warning! Buyer be ware!! There are many companies that will sell you “lead generation software to get “unlimited B2C leads”, when in reality they are selling you nothing more than a ‘lead’ scraper that grabs every name possible with no regard to WHO they are. Our lead generation services are completely different because we only offer premium leads sources directly from some of the biggest and highest quality data providers possible.

Now you can order high quality, laser targeted B2C leads and B2B leads with the push of a button, infusing them directly into your database for use in your marketing and advertising campaigns.  Each record is further enhanced over time as you engage them, by tracking every interaction and response to each marketing campaign, providing you further insights into their online digital behavior.

So don’t fall for the gimic of buying software that will give you endless leads, because such software does nothing but pull in every name with no regard to who they are or what they are looking for, that will ultimately end up causing you to throw your money down the drain trying to market to an un-targeted list.

Give us a call if you want the highest quality leads possible, and rest assured knowing the characteristics of the prospects on the list, so you can craft a laser targeted message that will resonate with them and increase your chances of making the sale.

On top of that, with LGM you gain access to one of the only marketing automation platforms that offers customized niche databases, with full loop data tracking that provides the fuel for our Machine Learning Systems.

Each record is further maintained and enhanced over time via our machine learning algorithms, with a continuous feedback loop that tracks and analyzes each interaction with your campaigns, as well as prospects contextual browsing, online and offline behaviors.

This provides you powerful insights which help you predict the most profitable marketing channel to engage each prospect, to reduce wasted ad spend and increase your bottom line profits.

Our platform ensures the highest accuracy and deliverability possible as a result of built-in file maintenance processes, which further helps you to grow your in-house (1st Party Data) opt-ins. Our system also incorporates machine learning across all channels, providing statistical analysis of behavioral, demographic and transactional data.

Combining our marketing automation with our sophisticated machine learning, each campaign can give you a greater understanding of which marketing channel to utilize to contact each prospect (and customer), as well as discover what motivates people to take specific actions such as buying triggers, so you can contact them via the best channel, at the time most likely to result in conversions.

Imagine receiving notifications from our system that indicates your prospect has just past the research threshold and reached the point where they are ready to make a buying decision, so you can beat your competition to the punch.

Our multi-tenant platform runs on an enterprise-class infrastructure in top-tier data centers with guaranteed 99.9% up time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What contact information comes with the B2C and B2B leads? 

Lists can contain first and last name plus email and can also include up to date postal addresses. These can be for single or multiple use. 


How is the Sales Lead created/generated?

These are high quality leads that are imported directly from top tier data compilers.

In addition we compile and manage 3,000 different real time data files like demographic, past purchase and interest.


Am I getting the lead exclusively or are other companies getting it also?

Leads can be exclusive for a small premium.


What’s the process of placing and receiving an order?

Contact us, let us know what industry you are in along with your primary products and services, as well as any demographic and behavioral data you know about your target market, and we will provide you the available list size and a price quote.


How are the sales leads priced?

Sales Leads that contain “basic contact information”, even in high value niches (Auto, Insurance, Real Estate, Solar, Home Security, etc.), often sell for just $.25-1.50/lead…always significantly less than the cost per click on traditional PPC sources.

If any additional information needs to be included, then a price quote will be given.


Where does the data come from?

These leads come from top tier data companies and can be segregated (ordered) based upon digital behavior, past purchase, demographic and interest.


What’s the minimum order?

1,000 sales leads.


Will the phone #’s be scrubbed against the “Do­ Not­ Call” list?



Are the Emails double opted­-in?

No, the national prospecting database technically does not offer double opt-­in emails; however, you may purchase “multiple use” emails and postal records allowing you to utilize such for your own marketing purposes for up to one year. We will teach you how to convert these leads into your own database, so these 3rd party leads becomes your own first party data, which allows you to market to them perpetually (so long as they do not opt out).


Does the sales lead come with a guarantee?

We do not guarantee conversion but we do guarantee that we will replace any leads that contain bad email or phones.


Are there any Geographic restrictions?

Our B2C database covers the entire US, while our B2B database is divided into US and International.


How old will the leads be?

Our data is compiled and maintained in real time by the top data companies in the world, so these leads would be considered high quality and very fresh. 


Do you have a Reseller Program?

Yes, we have a very limited Reseller Program designed for advertising and marketing agencies which requires a monthly license fee to gain access to these top tier databases.


What is the License Fee to be a Reseller?

Contact us by using the link below to discuss the terms and conditions of our Reseller program.

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