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LASER GUIDED MARKETING Consultants Use Public Meetings, Online Webinars, Video Conferencing  Software & Client Communication Platforms to fulfill all services, so that geography never prevents you from taking your business to the Next Level Now!

We provide full reporting transparency on all services, showing things like actual rankings achieved, live calls sent, your ROI on ad budgets, and more.

Grow Your Business Fast…with Real, Measurable Results!

If you’re ready to Get More New Leads and work with us to maximize the Profit Levers within your business,  give us a Call.


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Advertising Agency

Laser Guided Marketing (LGM) is a full service marketing agency that helps businesses thrive by harnessing the power of BIG DATA and cutting edge technology to drive more new customers and repeat business to our Client’s offers to increase their bottom line profits in record time.

Our top specialty services include “Pay Per Call” Lead Generation (pay for results), along with Internet-wide Retargeting and RTB Advertising, with almost 300 Ad Exchanges & Networks in our platform giving our Clients whatever they need, from a true global reach, right down to laser targeted Zip Code Level targeting AND hyper-geofencing of mobile devices. When you grasp the power of this one, you will realize the world can be your oyster!

On top of that, our coveted contracts routinely save our Clients 20-40% OFF the RTB Ad Rates they are currently (over) paying other RTB Agencies for the same exact ad space! Call us to cut your RTB Ad Budget and Pay Per Click costs 20-40% today!

We utilize proprietary databases from major third party data providers that can cut off countless thousands of dollars and years of time that it would normally take to acquire large pools of laser targeted prospects who are looking for the products and services you have to offer right now.

LGM is leading the way cutting-edge marketing is done today and into the future. We do this by harnessing best in class technology, and maximizing the power of BIG DATA through cloud based Multi-Channel Marketing Platforms, Top Tier RTB Advertising, a comprehensive Online Brand Management Software Suites, and other premium Digital Marketing Tools.

Over the years, our highly trained Consultants have developed a reputation for first-class professionalism and providing unrivaled quality at unbeatable prices that we know you will come to love and appreciate.

Website Designer

Additionally, in order to really thrive on the web, you need a top notch web design and clear, well thought out “sales funnels”. This ensures that your site makes the very best “first impression” possible, giving you a professional look that allows you to compete with the very top players in your industry. At the same time, our online marketing suite and digital marketing services will help to ensure that your site is seen by as many people as possible putting you one step ahead of your competitors.

At Laser Guided Marketing, we believe that this highly professional and effective level of service should be available to everyone – from Small Businesses and Individual Entrepreneurs right up to Multi-National Corporations. That’s why we strive to bring the kind of premium quality you associate with those A-list brands in affordable packages. Our Advertising and Marketing Consultants dedication is set on providing you the highest quality of services available anywhere, for the best possible prices. Another thing that sets Laser Guided Marketing apart is our commitment to transparency and communication.

Custom Web App Development

We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed at every step of the way and offer friendly customer service that is there to answer your questions. When you engage our services, you can rest assured that you will also receive the best reporting in the business, so you always know the progress you are making and can track your ROI.

By the way, we offer all of our clients a completely free price quote and consultation, so if you’re ready to take your business to the next level now, please give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll start discussing the best options available to your particular business!


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