Did you know that OVER 95% of all 1st time visitors never come back to the websites they visit? That means you are loosing out on a TON of business that is there for the taking! And the majority of your existing customers do not return to buy, simply because they got busy – a case of “out of sight, out of mind” – and if you invite them back to buy regularly…they will, but how?

Thanks to today’s technology, now you can invite all of those people back to your website to buy even tough they did not leave their email or name and number. And you can bring them back on a regular basis, for pennies on the dollar compared to ANY OTHER advertising medium. Now for the best news yet. Read on to discover how you can SAVE 20-40% OFF retail rates the other guys charge! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

RTB Advertising

With the power of our RTB Advertising platform, we can help drive and profitably convert online traffic for any product or service anywhere in the world. We can get your offers seen by your ideal prospects fast! And we can do it much more effective than the other guys out there because we have contracts with over 290 Ad Exchanges (Hint: Google is only 20% of the universe available to you through our platform).

This means we will give you access to millions of people you could never reach on your own, or even through other RTB platforms. And due to our high volume of cumulative ad spend we save businesses an average of 20-40% OFF  all their advertising! And just wait until see our high end features like Mobile Geo-Fencing, and Look Alike Audience Creation… CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

First Party Data

First Party Data is arguably the most valuable asset any business could ever have. Just look at Google and Facebook and you will understand that whoever owns the most data wins…and now you can too! It is the single most important tool to reduce your overall marketing costs as well as increase your marketing return on investment and overall company value. By maximizing the power of First Party Data to your advantage, you can control the destiny of your business and the pace at which you can grow your profits. The key is in turning High Quality Third Party Data into your own First Party Data, and our Consultants can show you exactly how to do that. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

In The Market Pre-Sales Leads

Our high speed computer servers scour through billions of online events each day, analyzing our internal databases and real time search activity across millions of websites to identify targets that are consistent with someone who is “In the Market” for your products and services. In affect, we find the pool of people who are doing “background research”, exhibiting the same and similar characteristic online behavior (as other future buyers have done) before they buy, hence the name “Pre-Sales” leads. We are able to identify people, early in the sales process, so that you can intercept them before they buy from your competition. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

B2C and B2B Leads

We make it push button simple to get in front of your ideal audience with our Top Tier National B2C and B2B Lead Prospecting Databases. We have relationships with the most elite data providers on the planet! It doesn’t matter what vertical market you’re in or whether you sell to consumers or businesses. If we don’t have the data you need, we know where to find it. We have direct access to hundreds of millions of data records that you can profit from, and we will gladly compile a universe of prospects that have the same demographics, firmographics or buying characteristics as your best customers. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Multi-Channel Marketing Systems

Our Multi-Channel Marketing platform is arguably the most sophisticated and complete system on the planet today. Every aspect of your marketing campaigns can now finally be tracked, analyzed and optimized across Email, Direct Mail, SMS, Social Media, Inbound Calling, Opt-in Forms, Landing Pages and more. Seamless, real time tracking and analytics will show you exactly how to market to each type of prospect and customer based upon the sum total of all their previous actions, and ramp up your net profits due to these priceless insights. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Laser Guided Marketing

Turn-Key Marketing Solutions…That Work!


At Laser Guided Marketing we understand how to seamlessly integrate a full suite of the online and offline marketing methods available, to help you grow your business. And if your business needs a face-lift, or you have neglected to get a custom “mobile responsive” website, we will build your site in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business. We create sites that work perfectly, that look beautiful and that thrive on Google and the other search engines.

How do you really know if a website is working? Primarily, because it will increase your traffic, your engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites that work to increase traffic, capture the people who land on your site, and strategically follow up with them to ensure you maximize the satisfaction and profitability of each and every visitor.

Isn’t it about time you made more, worked less and had more fun doing it?

Call us today and schedule a free marketing consultation to see how we can help you save hundreds of hours per year, give you a much deeper understanding of your business, and systematically grow your bottom line profits.

Let Our Experience Maximize Your Results

We are a highly experienced and qualified team of experts and have worked with countless organizations to help them refine their online and offline presence and reach a wider audience. We know what works and what doesn’t and are committed to providing excellent service and transparent communication in everything that we do.

When you choose Laser Guided Marketing, you are choosing a company that you can trust with your brand. We understand how integral your website and digital marketing footprint are to the success of your business and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Your satisfaction is our number one concern which is why so many clients are happy to use our services time and again.


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